E:2000 closed-cell Spray Foam

A new way of life

E:zero represents a new way of life that addresses one of the biggest challenges of our time: zero carbon emissions. E:zero's mission is to offer money-saving products that provide the 21st century comfort, while helping to save the planet. E:zero Foam Solutions contributes to the first step in the right direction: a 50%reduction of your carbon footprint.

How does it work?

E:zero's E:2000 foam is spray-applied on the job site. As it is sprayed, it increases in volume up 50 times, providing a fully adhered, continuous, solid, and airtight insulation layer. Even the most minuscule cracks are perfectly sealed. Because it is sprayed, the foam fits all shapes, corners, and cavities perfectly. The results:

  • insulation and excellent air seal in a single application
  • seven times better air seal compared with traditional insulation
  • elimination of unplanned moisture movement and condensation
  • energy savings of about 50% compared with conventional insulation

Lifetime performance

Good news for your wallet and the planet: E:zero insulation foam will perform for the lifetime of the building and will never need replacing or restoring. Think of E:zero spray foam as industrially produced wood. No trees were chopped down and ultimately, huge amounts of energy are being saved for centuries. Every bit of energy savings translates directly to avoidance of CO2 emissions.

Product Benefits

E:500 and E:2000 both offer a diverse range of benefits not only to the homeowner, builders, contractors, and architects, but to our environment as well. There are five vital and key benefits of E:zero's spray foam insulation:

Technical Information

Density ASTM D-1622
Closed Cell Content ASTM D-2856 > 90%
K-Factor, Initial ASTM C-518 0.146
tdermal Conductivity 0.021
Surface Burning Characteristics ASTM E-84
Foam tdickness - 4"
Flame Spread < 25
Smoke Development < 400
Permeance / Permeability ASTM E-96
0.98 @ = 2"