BDA Agreement Approval for Icynene with Irish Building Regulations

Icynene’s Classic LD-C-50 from Weatherseal achieves Agrément Certification to Irish building regulations. This is suitable for direct applications to breathable and non-breathable roof membranes and felts (see cert above).

Having the lowest water absorption levels of any foam on the market is what stands Icynene above it’s competitors. This means, it doesn’t act as a sponge and retain moisture. (see video below for demonstration). Therefore, ICYNENE does not require the ventilation card that other foams require.

The Icynene product has certification for breathability and air permanence levels. Consequently, it delivers a superior level of insulation and air tightness.

This cert allows for Icynene to be applied to existing structures such as sloping roofs, stud walls and floors. As a result, it brings complete peace of mind to Irish customers that they are getting the best product on the market for the lifetime of their property.